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Michael and Priscilla show off their new prescription eyeglasses – thanks to our donors’ support!

Michael and Priscilla show off their new prescription eyeglasses – thanks to our donors’ support!

One of my favourite things about my job is hearing all of the good-news stories from our project areas and seeing the difference our donors are making in the countries where we work. Today I’d like to share with you the story of a sister and brother from Ghana.

Priscilla, aged six, is in kindergarten. Her mother, Mary, told us Priscilla had problems seeing, especially at night. She frequently bumped into things, and her grades were poor because she couldn’t see the chalkboard at school. Little Priscilla must have felt embarrassed, shy and awkward.

When Operation Eyesight sponsored a vision screening in her village, Mary took her daughter to see the optometrist. Priscilla was diagnosed with myopia, but she was reassured that her low vision could be corrected with a pair of prescription eyeglasses.

With the help of Operation Eyesight’s donors, Priscilla received brand new, custom-fitted eyeglasses, which she proudly wears every day. Now, she can see the chalkboard, her grades have improved and she’s no longer shy to get involved with activities outside of school.

“We’re grateful to Operation Eyesight and its partners for this kind gesture,” says Mary.

After seeing Priscilla’s transformation, Mary decided to take her four-year-old son, Michael, to the same optometrist for an eye examination. Just like his big sister, Michael was diagnosed with myopia and received prescription eyeglasses, thanks to our donors.

“I’m glad Michael’s condition has been detected early, and I thank Operation Eyesight for helping my son,” says Mary.

Today, both Priscilla and Michael are happy, lively children. They now have their sight – and a chance for a brighter future!

Imagine the difference eyesight has made – and will continue to make – in their lives, all because of the kindness shown by our donors!

There are many children like Priscilla and Michael who need our help. A $20 gift can provide prescription eyeglasses for up to three children who would otherwise go needlessly blind. Please consider making a donation today. Thank you for your support!

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