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Lynne Dulaney, Director of Communications

Just for you: 6 feel-good stories of 2014

Through our Grey Mist Lifting blog, we’ve had the opportunity to share hundreds of inspiring stories with you. This past year, we heard so many incredible stories from our staff, donors and volunteers.

Here are six highlights to check out:

  1. After being blind her whole life, a 10-year-old Indian girl named Tabseratun can finally see!
  2. The romantic side to the story of Operation Eyesight’s origins in India; it begins on the honeymoon of Dr. Ben and Evlyn Gullison.
  3. Basson Mingishi, a 58-year-old subsistence farmer from Zambia, used to be blind from cataracts. After receiving surgery, he is now a very happy man and an ambassador for eye services.
  4. The launch of our Hospital-Based Community Eye Health program on Majuli Island, a river island in India’s remote northeast that used to have no eye care facilities at all.
  5. Ann Adoyole and the other women of her tiny village in Kenya used to spend hours searching for and fetching water for their families. Then suddenly, everything changed!
  6. The incredible love story of Hazel and Alastair MacDonald, two loyal donors who passed their charitable ways onto their children and grandchildren.


Our favourite stories of 2014

We love hearing your good-news stories and sharing them with others! Send your story to today. Your words may inspire others!

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