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Lynne Dulaney, Director of Communications

Envisioning Africa 2011: Photo Essay

I recently visited Operation Eyesight’s key projects in Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana and Zambia. Here’s a sneak-a-peek photo essay of the people I saw and stories I heard. Scroll down to see all eight images and click on the images for enlarged version. Other photographs and stories from the trip will be highlighted in upcoming blogs and Sightlines articles.

Nom holds her youngest daughter Schola to the window of their home, a farm in the Moi Ben district of Kenya. (Photo by Wairimu Gitahi)

Maasai women wait for eye surgeries at Naroosura Hospital in Kenya. I thought there must be a separate clinic for men, but Dr. John Sironka told me, “The men are afraid! They’ll wait for their wives to come home and tell them cataract surgery wasn’t that painful. Next clinic, we will have all the men here!” (Photo by Lynne Dulaney)

Dinnertime at Nyarkokwaa village in rural Ghana. A typical meal includes “fufu,” a thick porridge-like paste made of pounded cassava. It’s often eaten with soup or fish. Fufu exists in many African cultures, and is called “nshima” in Zambia and “ugali” in Kenya. (Photo by Wairimu Gitahi)

Thacienne describes her successful bilateral cataract surgeries to her neighbours in Mukoma, Rwanda. The tiny farming village overlooks beautiful Cyohoha Lake. (Photo by Wairimu Gitahi)

The lineup for eye screening at Meheba refugee camp was so long, these women and children chose to sit on the side of the road to wait their turn. I was surprised that the baby had a knit blanket and cap on; it was at least 35°C and humid that day in northwestern Zambia. (Photo by Lynne Dulaney)

A Maasai examines the plants at an experimental garden at Ngoswani, Kenya. Thanks to the water available from an Operation Eyesight borehole, the community has been able to harvest food crops including cabbage, sweet potato, spinach, pepper, maize and beans for the past year. (Photo by Ric Rowan)

Following successful bilateral cataract surgery at Watborg Eye Hospital in Accra, Ghana, Janet celebrates with her daughter Joyce. “God should bless the doctor and Watborg and any agents of theirs. I will remember them in my prayers.” (Photo by Wairimu Gitahi)

The end. Maasai women in Narok district conclude their dance of celebration and welcome for us, their visitors. (Photo by Ric Rowan)

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